Unbundled Services

What are Unbundled Services

Unbundled services are like a la carte legal services.  You pick and choose only the services that are right for you.  

Unbundled legal services, are limited scope services.  This is where the attorney limits the scope of their involvment to the specific tasks that were agreed to.

Unbundled Services Makes Leagal Services Affordable

Unbundled legal services are vital to providing an affordable option for many businesses and families.  Unbundled legal services allows for an increase in access to justice.  Approximately 70 percent of cases in Tax Court are filed pro se.  However, as studies have shown the addition of an attorney has significantly lowered what the IRS would have recovered.

What Unbundled Services Can Offer

Unbundled services can offer the expertiese of an attorney or professional where it really matters.  Sometimes all you really need is a letter from an attorney or a consultation to help you decifer the correct path.  Unbundled services allows you to pick and choose what you need.

Examples of Unbundled Services

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